October 31, 2010

a weekend at home-part 2

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Tried a recipe from a magazine which turned out to be delicious:

My version:

And most important of all; I have finished two knitting projects.One I couldn’t photograph yet but I could photograph the toddler cardigan.

Voila !

I was hoping to read a bit after posting but I am too sleepy now. So good night!


a weekend at home-part 1

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I welcomed Sunday with a fragrant bouquet:

With jasmine,rose and basil:

Re-arranged a corner in my kitchen:

Enjoyed a cup of coffee:

Picked egg-plant and pepper:

October 28, 2010

granny square blanket finished!

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It took me longer than anticipated to finish this one but better late than never….

The colours are so vibrant; whoever sees it likes it!

The yarn I used is 100% acrylic so I had my doubts at the beginning but it turned out to be easy and enjoyable to work with.

I am contemplating a ” shades of blue” version for my baby son but it will have to wait till I finish this cardigan I started as soon as I finished the baby blanket.

The yarn I am using is 50% acrylic and 50% cotton,I bought on sales. One ball was like for 1 Turkish Lira equivalent to approximately 0,50Euro.

Since it was my first yarn sales , I got a bit carried away while shopping;

It is the same yarn I use for my ” flowers on the snow” blanket ( one tiny miny problem; I cannot find the white coloured yarn anymore; I wonder if I ever will be able to finish that blanket!) so I use this as an excuse for buying too much of that  yarn:)

That’s all from me now,hope to be with you soon! XXX

October 22, 2010

another granny square blanket

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One of my friends just had a baby girl. This blanket is is for her.

 The colour choice is made by the mother to fit the baby’s room: Red,white and pink.

October 21, 2010

a star is born

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For the last few years, after a busy tiring working day, after dinner , I have started to watch series on Turkish National channels. It is so comforting to ,let’s say ,wait for the series which will show on every Wednesdays or Tuesdays or whatever. Last year I had two series to follow; one on Wednesday nights and the other on thursday nights. And as I was watching , my husband started following too,thanks to my simultaneous translations. Turkish TV series have become famous in the Arab world as well; and now my step-daughter(16) is following them in Arabic too.

This year a new drama  series started.It is called ” Öyle Bir Geçer  Zaman Ki”. It is such a sad series; my husband  forbids us from watching it every Tuesday night and yet we run home the next week not to miss a second of it. This is due to the child star of the series.

Such a talented kid…

This kid will be the star of the 2000’s .

We wish him the best of everything and hope to see him grow up to be a fine young gentleman  on the screen.

And we congratulate KANAL D for such quality productions.

P.S. The series are only in Turkish but after some time I think we will be able to watch them with  English subtitles on the internet.

October 20, 2010

travelling to beiruth

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As we work long hours and we have short holidays (longest we can escape from work is three days) we choose to fly to close destinations. One of these destinations was Beiruth,the city which is supposed to be the Paris of the East. Since we had a short stay,I will not comment on that but I can say that that have nice hotels,great restaurants with great food and the freshest fruits I have ever eaten!

My Little One enjoying the hotel…

The food at the restaurants were so delicious, I only remembered taking a picture when we reached the fruits!

Fresh and juicy…

For sightseeing we went to Jeita to see the caves; it was forbidden to take photos inside so unfortunately I have no pictures but it was such an experience!

The Lebanese cuisine is very much alike the Turkish cuisine so every bite was familiar yet different.

And I returned home hoping to be able to open a lebanese restaurant in Cyprus one day!


October 16, 2010

my garden

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It has been almost three years since we moved to our home and I have worked a lot in the garden to look like this:

My father helped; he did almost all the pruning.

The result is satisfying though there is still much to do.

The pink Bougainville.

As it turns out,I only know the local name of this plant but I will be having plenty of its fruits soon!

It is midnight now. My neighbour , the old lady is shouting, I’d better take the baby upstairs before she wakes him up. Goodnight to you all!

October 14, 2010


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I am knitting a baby blanket. This will be the first knitting project that I have done which will not recquire my mother’s correction.

The pattern is from The Purl Bee (www.purlbee.com)(I do not know how to add the addresses here yet so I have written it down)

I am not very fond of knitting but since I have started crocheting, I started simple knitting projects as well.

I have almost finished the blanket ; I just need to knit the edging and sew it .

I have yet started another knitting project; it will be a sweater( or maybe a cardigan;haven’t decided yet) for the Little One.

I have chosen from the yarns I had at home.The grey coloured is acrylic and the yellow coloured is 50% acrylic and 50% cotton.

I hope to finish it within a week.We will see. But soon I will be here with another ta-daaa! moment. See you then!

October 11, 2010

meatballs( kofte )

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Last week-end i had some nostalgia and decided to make the meatballs my mom used to make for us when we were kids.


1kg ground beef

1 kg potatoes

2 large onions

2 slices of bread crumbs


1 egg


First,you grate potatoes and onion and add them to the meat.Add bread crumbs , egg, chopped parsley, salt and pepper.Mix them very well.The trick is here:the ingredients must be mixed very well.

Then you take wallnut sized amounts ( i prefer bigger) and roll them into shape.

(Sorry about the pictures being a bit blurry ; i have taken them with my mobile!)

Then fry them in sunflower oil or maize oil.

Goes very well with yoghurt,salad and potato fries. Bon apetit.

October 6, 2010


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Though it is still very hot -reaching  35 degrees C- during daytime; it started to get chilly at night.As a result, my plants started to look better and we will do some collecting soon.


The vine leaves are so thin and shiny….

Garden is in full bloom…



My favourite fruit:

This year I was not successful with vegetables.I had 3 tomato plants but those died at the beginning of summer.

I got luckier with others;







As you can guess, I did not do much crocheting lately.It  is partly because I work long hours and partly because I got a bit discouraged because I was unable to find the white coloured yarn for my project.

Instead, I am trying to knit my Little One a blanket.I even bought myself a new knitting book!