October 28, 2010

granny square blanket finished!

Posted in crochet, knitting at 12:03 pm by edascrochetroom


It took me longer than anticipated to finish this one but better late than never….

The colours are so vibrant; whoever sees it likes it!

The yarn I used is 100% acrylic so I had my doubts at the beginning but it turned out to be easy and enjoyable to work with.

I am contemplating a ” shades of blue” version for my baby son but it will have to wait till I finish this cardigan I started as soon as I finished the baby blanket.

The yarn I am using is 50% acrylic and 50% cotton,I bought on sales. One ball was like for 1 Turkish Lira equivalent to approximately 0,50Euro.

Since it was my first yarn sales , I got a bit carried away while shopping;

It is the same yarn I use for my ” flowers on the snow” blanket ( one tiny miny problem; I cannot find the white coloured yarn anymore; I wonder if I ever will be able to finish that blanket!) so I use this as an excuse for buying too much of that  yarn:)

That’s all from me now,hope to be with you soon! XXX


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