August 24, 2010

Ta-daaaaa! The pin-wheel rainbow blanket (almost) finished!

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After working non-stop for the last 8 days, I finally (almost) finished my pin-wheel rainbow blanket! I say I ”almost finished” because I still need to be done with the thread hanging at the edges of the blanket.In this picture,you can actually see the thread hanging on the edges.But what can I say? I just couldn’t wait to show you my latest ”work of art” ūüôāI wanted the edges to be simple so I did two rows of double crochet and a row of single crochet.Last week I had my 8,5 working days holidays.The pharmacy was closed ,I was at home relaxing with my kids…I even had time for shopping so I went to IKEA and bought myself a comfy crocheting chair.My eldest son assembled the chair for me and¬† I can now crochet comfortably without having any back pain later.So thanx to my son.Now I need to make a cover for my new¬† chair so I guess that will be my next crochet project.


August 19, 2010

unfinished projects

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Hello! I am having summer holidays now and though I am at home all the day, there is hardly enough time to do anything. Because it is now the holy month of Ramadan, it seems to me that I hardly do anything but  cooking.And because my husband and elder son are fasting and usually we have guests for iftar, I am in a terrible rush to prepare the food on time ,I forget to take the pictures of my  masterpieces!!!!

While cooking and cleaning, I have plenty of time to think though. I usually think of the unfinished crochet projects lying there  waiting for their time to come.

Every night ,after my little one sleeps , I work on my rainbow blanket . It is very close to finishing but the more I work on it , the more the finish seems to be moving away from where I stand.But I have not lost hope yet.Hopefully witthin a few weeks I will be done with that blanket!

The rest of the projects are not so lucky because  there is no hope for them to be finished in close future.AND another unfinished project: