May 30, 2011

another week-end at home

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Last week-endĀ  Little One was sick with high fever. I had sleepless nights. He is getting better now but we still keep him at home; he is happy that there is no school…. When he started to feel better ,we went out in the garden and I had a chance to take a few photos. Here is our home at number 24:

Last year we had pigeons chosingĀ  our window-sill to build their nest on. This year we have them too and I have managed to photograph the baby pigeons

And not only these! we have other guests as well

Last week-end ,we had some showers as well so everything looks fresh

And we had harvest scenes like this

Ok. And I had very little time to crochet but I have a WIP

I hope you all have a very lovely week…


May 23, 2011

a week-end at home

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A week-end at home involves;

1- breakfast muffin

2- gardening

3- and crochet

I hope you all have a lovely week!

May 16, 2011

week-end out

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Lately I am unable to find some time to crochet so, there is no crochet posts . Last couple of weeks have been work-home-work for me and I really got depressed. Luckily enough, my husband had to fly abroad for business which meant having a break for me. I took Little One to stay with grand-parents and my dad took us to a trip.

HE  took us to orange grooves where he kept his bees and while he was attending his bees ;

Grand-ma and the Little One picked some oranges

I have planted an orange tree in our backyard too and here how it looks like now

Later, my dad took us to a place where the Little One became so happy

because he could play with the ball

and he could swing

I hope you all have a very nice week!  See you soon!

May 3, 2011


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Today the temperatures reached 30 degrees C so it is officially summer! Summer means flowers and the garden needs to be watered regularly. That was what I did this afternoon stealing an hour from work….

I took some pictures of my tiny garden; remember- the garden still needs to be fixed!

I hope you all have a lovely day!