May 30, 2011

another week-end at home

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Last week-end  Little One was sick with high fever. I had sleepless nights. He is getting better now but we still keep him at home; he is happy that there is no school…. When he started to feel better ,we went out in the garden and I had a chance to take a few photos. Here is our home at number 24:

Last year we had pigeons chosing  our window-sill to build their nest on. This year we have them too and I have managed to photograph the baby pigeons

And not only these! we have other guests as well

Last week-end ,we had some showers as well so everything looks fresh

And we had harvest scenes like this

Ok. And I had very little time to crochet but I have a WIP

I hope you all have a very lovely week…


February 18, 2011

violets and crochet

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For the last couple of days we have been having some rain and a bit cold weather with sun showing itself every now-and-then with temperatures ranging from3 degrees C at night to 15-17 degrees C during daytime.

As a result my violets started blooming abundantly ; a fact which made me really,really happy( considering I fought hard to keep them surviving during the VERY long and VERY  hot summer of ours.)

And those tiny flowers are soooooo fragrant;

And I had some hooky time last week;

I did some circles in a square;

The pattern is really simple

You start with a magic circle,chain 1, 1st row is 20 hdc,2nd row another 20 hdc, 3rd row 40 hdc, 4th row is 2 dc, 2 hdc,2 sc,2hdc,2dc and the 5th row is the easy part.

This is a pattern from The Art of Crochet by Teresa Richardson. This lady is amazing! I learned how to crochet through her videos. Check it out!



October 6, 2010


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Though it is still very hot -reaching  35 degrees C- during daytime; it started to get chilly at night.As a result, my plants started to look better and we will do some collecting soon.


The vine leaves are so thin and shiny….

Garden is in full bloom…



My favourite fruit:

This year I was not successful with vegetables.I had 3 tomato plants but those died at the beginning of summer.

I got luckier with others;







As you can guess, I did not do much crocheting lately.It  is partly because I work long hours and partly because I got a bit discouraged because I was unable to find the white coloured yarn for my project.

Instead, I am trying to knit my Little One a blanket.I even bought myself a new knitting book!


September 17, 2010

finally the summer is over!

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Summers in Cyprus are very hot with temperatures reaching 40 degrees C and above. This makes growing anything in your garden almost impossible ; I only concentrate on not letting the plants to die.But now that it is September, the temperatures are lower and my garden started to look better…It is loaded with pinks,reds,oranges and yellows.The jasmine near the entrance door is so fragrant, I feel so happy when I go back home at night ,tired from work, and be welcomed by such nice fragrances.

And I started an easy granny square blanket project. I aim to finish it in a week.We’ll see…

June 24, 2010

very hot summer

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Last week we had 40 degrees C.It was hot,hot,hot! But before that we had mild weather and we even enjoyed an afternoon shower so almost all the plants in my garden were blooming. The garden was rich in colours…The roses are scented too!It has been more than two years since we moved to this house and since we moved I have been constantly working on the garden(minus the times when I was pregnant) and finally I am having some results which make me happy:)

I have one problem though; the vegetables get affected from the  heat the most and they die so I am working on a solution to make them survive.