September 30, 2010


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As I have mentioned before, last week-end we had a short trip to Istanbul. Istanbul is a city I love; with lots and lots of reasons to be adored for.One of them is the bookshops. Here in Cyprus( such a small island) we have bookshops for sure; but the variety a cosmopolitan bookshop could offer is much much bigger.So whenever I fly there, I save at least half a day to go through . Of course, you can shop for books on-line but I love the smell of the freshly pressed paper and nothing compares to the feeling of holding the book and surfing through the pages for a while.

This time I mostly shoped baby books for my Little One. But I managed to grab 3 books for myself too!I have started reading this one;because I would like to finish reading it before I watch the movie. The following was a bargain book;costed me only 1,75  euros!

And this one is a novel by a Turkish writer;Elif Shafak.I have read the same novel in Turkish but couldn’t resist the temptation to read it in English too!:)

And this is my Little One; instead of playing with his books ,he prefers to play with mine.


September 29, 2010

baby blanket

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So nice to be back again! And I am with good news: I have finished the baby blanket.In fact last week-end we had a short holiday in Istanbul and the baby blanket proved to be very useful:)

And the Little One loved it!

September 17, 2010

finally the summer is over!

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Summers in Cyprus are very hot with temperatures reaching 40 degrees C and above. This makes growing anything in your garden almost impossible ; I only concentrate on not letting the plants to die.But now that it is September, the temperatures are lower and my garden started to look better…It is loaded with pinks,reds,oranges and yellows.The jasmine near the entrance door is so fragrant, I feel so happy when I go back home at night ,tired from work, and be welcomed by such nice fragrances.

And I started an easy granny square blanket project. I aim to finish it in a week.We’ll see…

September 12, 2010

back to school

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The holidays are over! Tomorrow we will be back to our routine.It is a relief actually. We had some nice time earlier. The week-end before the holidays we went to stay by the sea with my little one with his grand-parents and aunt. The sea was great although it is September. I took some pictures of the beach of the hotel we stayed in which is in the city of Famagusta.

The water was crystal clear and the sea was so calm in the morning.You could actually see the fish swimming near the shore. The baby was so excited to see the fish and he kept screaming  ”fish!fish!”pointing at them.

After we came back, we had a three days holidays  celebrating the end of Ramadan. I was working the last day of the holidays but now I am back home watching my favourite TV show ”House” and treating myself to a nice cup of coffee.

And I did not have  much time to crochet; I just could do few circles of my latest project.I am very pleased with the yarn I am using: it is 50% cotton and 50% acrylic. And the colours are gorgeous.I enjoy the colour combinations I make though I think I am not very good at colour combinations.Such lively colours!

Finally, I am teaching myself to knit. I find it quite difficult and time consuming and stressing but I am still a beginner.I made my little man a vest.It is full of mistakes ; I will re-do some parts of it. But I think it is not that bad for the first time!