June 27, 2011

blanket progress

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We are having hot days here! So hot that I do not feel like crocheting at all… But I have managed to come this far:

Now, I have to make 10 more of these squares and I will be joining them and working on the border.

I hope to be back with a ta-dah! post soon.Till then,take care…XXX


June 13, 2011


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I am sooooo happy today because I finally finished my eldest son’s blanket.

And now I am working on my youngest son’s blanket at full speed. Here is the progress I have achieved so far:

I have made such colour combinations¬† ; I cannot think of a way how to put them together in a nice way…

I have calculated that I will need approximately 90 squares to finish this blanket which is intended for his small bed in his grand-parents house. I have done 45 squares up till now so I am half way through.

Hope to be with you with another ta-dah! post soon.

Until then, goodbye.

June 6, 2011

just photos

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