September 30, 2010


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As I have mentioned before, last week-end we had a short trip to Istanbul. Istanbul is a city I love; with lots and lots of reasons to be adored for.One of them is the bookshops. Here in Cyprus( such a small island) we have bookshops for sure; but the variety a cosmopolitan bookshop could offer is much much bigger.So whenever I fly there, I save at least half a day to go through . Of course, you can shop for books on-line but I love the smell of the freshly pressed paper and nothing compares to the feeling of holding the book and surfing through the pages for a while.

This time I mostly shoped baby books for my Little One. But I managed to grab 3 books for myself too!I have started reading this one;because I would like to finish reading it before I watch the movie. The following was a bargain book;costed me only 1,75  euros!

And this one is a novel by a Turkish writer;Elif Shafak.I have read the same novel in Turkish but couldn’t resist the temptation to read it in English too!:)

And this is my Little One; instead of playing with his books ,he prefers to play with mine.


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