February 21, 2011

purple monday

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Last Saturday I went shopping…

I gifted myself a lovely bouquet of flowers…

My crochet corner looks like this:

Especially the white bloomed flowers ( I think they are Matthiola incana- double-flowered stock ) are sooooo fragrant.

After the shopping ,I made a  new arrangement with my purple carnations since now, I owned a purple vase.

This lovely vase and these lovely carnations inspired me to crochet a purple coloured throw. Slowly I am forming an idea in my head then I will put in practice.( Only I do not know when because I haven’t yet finished my current project;it is taking such a long time!!!)

Hopefully,my next post will be about mu finished blanket project.Until then..



February 18, 2011

violets and crochet

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For the last couple of days we have been having some rain and a bit cold weather with sun showing itself every now-and-then with temperatures ranging from3 degrees C at night to 15-17 degrees C during daytime.

As a result my violets started blooming abundantly ; a fact which made me really,really happy( considering I fought hard to keep them surviving during the VERY long and VERY  hot summer of ours.)

And those tiny flowers are soooooo fragrant;

And I had some hooky time last week;

I did some circles in a square;

The pattern is really simple

You start with a magic circle,chain 1, 1st row is 20 hdc,2nd row another 20 hdc, 3rd row 40 hdc, 4th row is 2 dc, 2 hdc,2 sc,2hdc,2dc and the 5th row is the easy part.

This is a pattern from The Art of Crochet by Teresa Richardson. This lady is amazing! I learned how to crochet through her videos. Check it out!



February 9, 2011

blanket progress

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Today, I suddenly realized that this blanket will take me long to finish.

So far,I have managed to join 69 squares; I have made around 50 circles.

I have made a rough calculation in my head and I will need to make between 300-388 circles more.! But I will not quit! I will make a real single-bed size blanket! (I hope….)

Tonight I intend to make precise calculations: I will measure the bed and my blanket-to-be precisely and calculate exactly how many squares it will take to finish this project.

OK.I am feeling a little bit down now, especially because I find it hard to have some hooky time with my toddler son. So I will take a little time off crochet to clear my mind, then start it again ,only to finish this time ,hopefully.( And I am secretly hoping that I have mis-calculated the number of squares I need to finish off this project.)

Wish me luck!