May 16, 2011

week-end out

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Lately I am unable to find some time to crochet so, there is no crochet posts . Last couple of weeks have been work-home-work for me and I really got depressed. Luckily enough, my husband had to fly abroad for business which meant having a break for me. I took Little One to stay with grand-parents and my dad took us to a trip.

HE  took us to orange grooves where he kept his bees and while he was attending his bees ;

Grand-ma and the Little One picked some oranges

I have planted an orange tree in our backyard too and here how it looks like now

Later, my dad took us to a place where the Little One became so happy

because he could play with the ball

and he could swing

I hope you all have a very nice week!  See you soon!


November 24, 2010

we love holidays!Polonezköy(Adampol)-Istanbul

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We had a 9 days holidays last week so for 4 days we flew to Istanbul . First we went to the lovely Polonezköy.

We stayed in a lovely small hotel.

Who enjoyed this trip the most was my baby son.He had a chance to have a ride in his pushchair :

Enjoyed playing with the ball on green grass:

He had an opportunity to see the animals in reality :

He loved the ducks,

Scared the sheep away,

But he watched the ponies cautiously.

He played in the park a lot; 5 hours a day we spent in a park!

While he was enjoying himself, we enjoyed this;

and this;

and this;

and this;

We spent the last day in İstanbul but that is another post topic.But what I love about the city is the history,culture,sea,food and shopping.

And especially the food!


July 20, 2010

A week-end by the sea

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We were very lucky to spend the week-end by the sea.

The water was crystal clear and the beach was deserted early in the morning.

The little one enjoyed his first time in the sea.