November 25, 2010

my sister’s scarf

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Another ta-daa moment! I have finished my sister’s lace scarf and she modelled for it ūüôā

I loved the pink colour and the yarn was so easy to work with.


November 24, 2010

we love holidays!Polonezköy(Adampol)-Istanbul

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We had a 9 days holidays last week so for 4 days we flew to Istanbul . First we went to the lovely Polonezköy.

We stayed in a lovely small hotel.

Who enjoyed this trip the most was my baby son.He had a chance to have a ride in his pushchair :

Enjoyed playing with the ball on green grass:

He had an opportunity to see the animals in reality :

He loved the ducks,

Scared the sheep away,

But he watched the ponies cautiously.

He played in the park a lot; 5 hours a day we spent in a park!

While he was enjoying himself, we enjoyed this;

and this;

and this;

and this;

We spent the last day in ńįstanbul but that is another post topic.But what I love about the city is the history,culture,sea,food and shopping.

And especially the food!


November 17, 2010

beautiful things:crochet grapes

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Few weeks ago I have ordered books from amazon. *Yay*! They are here.

100 flowers to knit and crochet by Lesley Stanfield.And:

I was so absorbed in them when I could finally open the box after 2 days; my son decided that he should hide them from me under the chair!

I have started from 100 flowers to knit and crochet. And I did this:

Then I have come up with an idea and did this:

 I am planning this to be a knitted squares blanket: I have not checked my yarn colours yet but I think I will use beige ,purple and green.

I’ll go and check my yarn colours now.I hope I got ¬†purple¬† colour too that day from the sale! So see you later!

November 15, 2010

queen anne lace scarf-2

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I couldn’t decide on which buttons to use and I think I will get new buttons after the holidays because no button in my button box seems to be the right one.

¬†And I have started a new blanket project. The pattern is ‘summer garden blanket’ pattern from Lucy at attic24.

And finally a ‘buttons’ photo…

queen anne lace scarf

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Finally I could manage to connect to the world! We are having 9 days holidays and¬† it turns out to be that my mobile modem is not functioning anymore! I had to go and buy a new modem but it will not start working till the holidays are over so I came to my parents’ place to borrow their modem.They are somewhere in Italy now so I think they wouldn’t mind.

I have stayed 4 days at home so far.Days filled with changing pampers, vacuuming and moping the house,cooking and lots of free time. As a result I have finished my Queen Anne lace scarf and couple of other projects are almost done.

Yay! I am so excited! Today while the baby was taking his afternoon nap I was able  take as many pictures I could.

And I am making one for my sister too.

I have almost finished my baby son’s cardigan….

November 5, 2010

some finished projects

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I have finally finished my knitted baby blanket.

It makes me happy to see that my baby son enjoys what I make…

And I have finished the toddler vest

I did not follow any pattern for this vest: I Just did it.

Now I have started something for myself.A scarf:

I hope winter comes so that I can wear it!