October 21, 2010

a star is born

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:40 pm by edascrochetroom

For the last few years, after a busy tiring working day, after dinner , I have started to watch series on Turkish National channels. It is so comforting to ,let’s say ,wait for the series which will show on every Wednesdays or Tuesdays or whatever. Last year I had two series to follow; one on Wednesday nights and the other on thursday nights. And as I was watching , my husband started following too,thanks to my simultaneous translations. Turkish TV series have become famous in the Arab world as well; and now my step-daughter(16) is following them in Arabic too.

This year a new drama  series started.It is called ” Öyle Bir Geçer  Zaman Ki”. It is such a sad series; my husband  forbids us from watching it every Tuesday night and yet we run home the next week not to miss a second of it. This is due to the child star of the series.

Such a talented kid…

This kid will be the star of the 2000’s .

We wish him the best of everything and hope to see him grow up to be a fine young gentleman  on the screen.

And we congratulate KANAL D for such quality productions.

P.S. The series are only in Turkish but after some time I think we will be able to watch them with  English subtitles on the internet.


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