December 2, 2010

the circle granny square

Posted in crochet at 2:32 pm by edascrochetroom


Today I am staying at home till 11.00am which means I have exactly half an hour to write this post.

I love spending time at home. And today was a good day. First I took the Little One to the Kindergarten near our home to play, then I did some house-work, had a quick breakfast while I took the photos for today’s post  and now I am enjoying being connected to the world.:)

The last project I have shown you was to be  a blanket made of knitted squares. Here is the progress:

I have decided to add two more colours partly because

a-) I am using the yarn purchased from sales; I cannot find  the cream coloured yarn anymore.

b-)I think it is turning out to be very pale using those three colours so I am adding a shade of beige and purple.

When I take a break from knitting I work on the circle granny square:

I used only two colours for this project

I have made several squares; which I have intended to show you but the photo is not uploading so I will try that later.

I have been to button shopping  earlier for my Little One’s cardigan. I have just found the right colour this time!

Remains only to sew them on the cardigan


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