November 15, 2010

queen anne lace scarf

Posted in crochet, knitting at 3:59 pm by edascrochetroom


Finally I could manage to connect to the world! We are having 9 days holidays and  it turns out to be that my mobile modem is not functioning anymore! I had to go and buy a new modem but it will not start working till the holidays are over so I came to my parents’ place to borrow their modem.They are somewhere in Italy now so I think they wouldn’t mind.

I have stayed 4 days at home so far.Days filled with changing pampers, vacuuming and moping the house,cooking and lots of free time. As a result I have finished my Queen Anne lace scarf and couple of other projects are almost done.

Yay! I am so excited! Today while the baby was taking his afternoon nap I was able  take as many pictures I could.

And I am making one for my sister too.

I have almost finished my baby son’s cardigan….



  1. karen said,

    I love it can you share the pattern to

  2. becki said,

    Love this scarf. How did you add the petals to it?

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