July 31, 2010

I am still here…

Posted in crochet at 2:10 pm by edascrochetroom

Last few days have been busy: my father-in-law had a stroke and after few days in hospital he came to live with us.He is better now and we adapted to being a family of 6 instead of 5.

23rd of july was my little one’s birthday and we had a small birthday party.The little one was happy to be the center of attention though he could not yet figure out why:)Time flies; yesterdays baby is todays toddler.

Despite all this ,i managed to find time for crocheting: I am very close to finishing  my rainbow pin-wheel blanket.and I have found time to go yarn-shopping!These are my first cotton-arcrylic yarns. All my previous projects were acrylic so I can’t wait to start hooking with them:)



  1. Hi! Your blanket is just gorgeous! Where did you find the pattern?
    Sorry to hear about your FIL… very sad, it’s so great that he’s living with you… must be a lot of adjustment, so make sure you have plenty of hooking time!

    • Hi and thank you. I have found the pattern on youtube-mikeyssmail Catherine wheel sticth-I learned how to crochet on youtube from mikeysmail and teresa richardson’s the art of crochet.The tutorials were and still are very helpful for me.

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